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If you're visiting CrownRing online, you're probably getting closer to your very own happily ever after. We're delighted you've chosen us to find the most perfect bridal jewelry to commemorate your love for each other and honour that special day.

CrownRing Wedding Bands


Make Your Day Memorable With The Right Wedding Band

Crown Ring makes it effortless to cherish and embellish in the most special of life’s fleeting moments when you have the perfectly and passionately designed wedding bands to commemorate your most treasured of affairs. Your wedding day and matrimonial vows represent a life-changing event and the union of you and your significant other. Ensure that they are unforgettable by complementing them with a signature ring that has been elegantly handcrafted. Whether you are seeking diamond, classic, carved, hand woven or an alternative metal ring—our collection was created with your tastes and your lifestyle in mind.


Classic, Tried & True Wedding Bands

Traditions play a strong role in most wedding ceremonies these days, and the classic wedding band is amongst the top picks for many couples who are ring shopping. We feature an intriguing and masterfully crafted selection of the finest metals and designs, created to embody the traditions that you know and cherish. When classic is the only the choice for your ring—make it timeless with a designer selection from Crown Ring.


Innovative Metals

During the modern era, the stance on only using yellow or white gold for wedding bands has shifted in favor of newer and enticing alternative metal options. Crown Ring is pleased to offer an array of men’s and women’s selections that feature these bold new metals. Shop for the innovative metal you want—with options ranging from titanium, tungsten, black cobalt and many more—to find the perfect selection for your day of nuptials. Whether you want flawlessly polished and scratch-resistant or modern, dark and sleek, our collection is inspired by old-time traditions merged with modern and contemporary aesthetics.


Handwoven Wedding Bands

Be different about your wedding band by electing for handcrafted and carefully woven ring that is ornate, artful and one-of-a-kind. Thinly spun precious metals are woven by hand using a special process that results in a gorgeous and brilliant ring that you will treasure for many years to come. Make your wedding moment one that you will never forget with a ring that underscodes your tenacious lifestyle and affluent tastes like no other.


Carved Wedding Bands

If stylish, modish and signature is what you desire-look no further than our illustrious collection of carved wedding bands. We offer styles that range from clean and slick to highly detailed and elaborate cuts that really stand out. For the couple that desires to set their matrimony jewelry apart from the tried and true tradition, there is truly no alternative to a hand carved ring.