Couples engaged to be married should never have to settle on wedding rings that do not perfectly suit them, their affluent tastes and their unique lifestyles

Wedding, Designer, and Luxurious Rings for All

Couples engaged to be married should never have to settle on wedding rings that do not perfectly suit them, their affluent tastes and their unique lifestyles. Matrimony is one of the most important engagements that a person can make in their life—a vow that should be complemented by the finest wedding ring. CrownRing carefully and masterfully designs our collection to imbue the traditional tenacity of matrimonial jewelry with added aesthetic flair and couture that helps make it truly one-of-a-kind and a special part of your wedding moment. Our modernized design adds a special allure and distinction to our collection, created with your tastes and your lifestyle in mind.

Jewelry for His Distinct Lifestyle

Our master jewelers scour the world in search of the highest quality diamonds and cuts and the finest metals—carefully handcrafting each of our designer men’s wedding rings with passion and attention to the smallest of details. They are created to pair perfectly to the CrownRing on her finger, yet inherently distinguished by the intricate yet subtle details that make them each their own.

Unique, Sophisticated & Illustrious Wedding Rings for Her

Our wedding rings for women span the gambit from simple, classic wedding bands to diamond encrusted, carved and handwoven. We also offer a variety of rings in popular alternative metals like palladium, white gold and platinum. With a variety of wedding band sets available, you can assure that your wedding bands are perfectly paired for your special day.

Make a Statement with Carved Wedding Rings

For those who desire a more ornate wedding ring, our unique carved collection is the ideal place to begin your search. Whether you want intricately detailed and modishly carved designs or simple, sleek and clean cuts—carved is as detailed as a ring can be while still underscoring the tradition of the classic wedding jewelry.

Diamond Bands – The Cut Above the Rest

You nearly can’t ever go wrong with diamond wedding rings. With a variety of choices to choose from for men and women, including matching sets, you can effortlessly find the sleek, contemporary and popular designs that you are seeking with the added panache of the CrownRing styling—hand-created and specially cut just for your wedding day. Traditional and classic design is married to modern and provocative aesthetics to deliver an exceptional finished product that you will be proud to wear on your finger.

Handwoven, Signature & Unique

Be different with your wedding rings by opting for handwoven bands that are distinctly original and trademark. Old world artistry meets modernized styles and patterns, culminating in a timelessly perfected ring that is intricate, detailed, fashionable and elegant. Carefully handcrafted jewelry entices the onlooker while still capturing the spirit of your special moment forever.

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We invite you to shop our collection of wedding rings today. Whether you are searching for the perfect engagement ring, matching wedding band sets, men’s or women’s wedding bands or other bridal jewelry—we are certain that the perfect selection is just waiting to be uncovered by you in our pristine collection. Make your “happily ever after” an unforgettable moment with the perfectly designed jewelry for your nuptials.