As the past few decades have come and gone, we have seen a number of changes begin to slowly take place in the world of wedding planning. Ceremonies which occur in non-traditional venues have become more and more popular, the size of the wedding party and invite list are now completely open to interpretation, and even the dress code is no longer permanently set to ‘formal’, depending on the couple’s wishes.

Another wedding component that has undergone some significant changes during this time period has also been the traditional wedding bands. Gone are the days of simply selecting a set of little gold bands and getting on to the next decision in the planning process. Instead, today’s bands are as complex and intricate as any other piece of jewelry on the market…meaning that people have more options than ever before.

But since this is a relatively new trend, those married earlier have been left out in the dark a little bit…which is exactly why anniversary wedding bands have become so popular in recent years. Many couples are now choosing to exchange a more elaborate set of bands later in their marriage, as both a sign of their continuing commitment to one another and as way to bring refreshment and renewal into their marriage.

What’s nice about the idea is that financial concerns tend to be more settled later in life, meaning that the piece you’ve always wanted is a bit more attainable. And by refreshing their vows, many couples find new life in their marriage; a fresh start and a reminder of why you fell in love all those years ago. 

 It’s funny, but for all of the details that people tend to fuss over leading up to a wedding, the one decision that lasts forever – other than your choice of spouse – is often the one that is given the least amount of consideration. Engaged couples will often spend endless hours trying to decide which entrée they should serve, but then simply walk into a jewelry store with no real concept of what they’re looking for in terms of a set of wedding bands.

Sure, people know whether they are more traditional or if they tend to prefer a modern take on the traditional band, but ask anyone who their preferred maker is, or what type of quality they’re looking for…and you’re more often than not met with a blank stare.

But thanks to the availability of information that technology now allows us, more and more people are beginning to understand the importance and the complexities of selecting a maker who is right for you. For some people, a Canadian manufacturer would be preferred over a large international company. Others are beginning to seek out specific styles and settings while trying to balance budget and specific details.

Luckily, one company has been pulling away from the pack in recent years when it comes to Canadian wedding band manufacturers. Crownring offers both a wide array of stunning designs which feature the utmost in design quality, and the satisfaction and peace of mind that come along with supporting a Canadian maker. Their world-class designers have established themselves as true industry leaders with the development of vast array of both traditional and modern designs, suited to literally any taste you can imagine.

From elaborate stone settings to traditional gold and silver, you simply can’t beat the quality, selection and price offered by one of Canada’s finest companies.

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 There are few occasions in this life that are as momentous or as memorable as your wedding day. But for all of the decisions and details that need to be ironed out leading up to the ceremony, many people lose sight of one of the few things that will truly stay with you forever once the day has passed; the wedding band.

Although the tradition was once reserved exclusively for the bride, men began to sport wedding rings as well near the turn of the twentieth century, which many historians attribute to the fact that soldiers heading off to the First World War wanted a way to stay connected to their families back home. Over the past hundred years or so, the tradition has grown to fully embrace the idea of both partners wearing a wedding ring to embody their commitment to one another.

And in modern times, the variety and price range from which couples may now choose their wedding bands has grown to include an impressive array that meets nearly any taste or pricing scale. From simple gold or silver bands which harken back to a more traditional time, all the way to multiple metals intricately woven with any number of precious stones, jewelry designers have taken wedding rings to a whole new level.

The real secret now is not finding that one perfect piece, but in deciding which of these seemingly infinite options are right for you. The trick is finding something that is at once comfortable and unique. You want a piece that is distinctly you, but also feels like it has always been there and can be worn on a daily basis.

There are so many options out there to choose from, but if you really think about it, there is still only one that is right for you…so make sure you choose wisely.

 The long and storied tradition of exchanging wedding rings dates back centuries. In many cultures around the world, these rings have come to symbolize the eternal nature of matrimonial commitments and everything that a married life represents. Although mostly worn by women until the turn of the twentieth century, both men and women alike have come to embrace the wedding band over the course of the past few generations…and in many cases the tradition has grown to include even more symbolism.

Such is the case with anniversary wedding bands. Simply put, these are rings which are exchanged later in a marriage to symbolize the continuance of a lifelong romance. Although usually exchanged at a milestone anniversary such as the tenth or twentieth, these rings can exchanged at any point, really.

Sometimes the idea is to upgrade from rings that were purchased earlier in life when budgets were a little bit tighter, or to replace a lost or stolen piece…but most often, these bands are simply added to the original rings as a testament to the couple’s ongoing commitment to one another. In many cases, a couple will even exchange vows again to commemorate their renewed passion, inviting friends and family along to share in a gathering of love.

For those who choose to embrace this new tradition, the re-energizing of a marriage can go a long way towards truly appreciating and embracing the reality of a lifetime spent together. Whether as an upgrade or as an addition, these simple pieces of jewelry mean so much more than the metal and stones they contain. If you’re looking for a way to mark a pivotal milestone, or to simply reinvigorate your love, look no further than anniversary wedding bands,

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 There was once a time when wedding bands were thought of as the exclusive realm of women. Centuries ago, the wedding band was originally meant to be used as a sign that a woman was, in fact married and therefore not available to other suitors. Of course, the passing of time has changed all of that, and now both men and women proudly wear wedding bands to commemorate the commitment they have made to spend a lifetime with their partner.

But even still, the industry has been keenly focused on the female segment of the market for a very long time. Even as more and more men have embraced the idea of wearing a wedding band on a daily basis, the vast majority of jewelry being produced was focused mainly on women’s tastes. But some companies have finally made the transition over to focusing on the other half of the marital equation; the husband.

And anyone looking for the perfect testament to this new trend needs to look no further than Crownring wedding bands. For men whose taste is at once modern and timeless, this collection has exactly what you’re looking for. Carved from a variety of metals to meet a wide variety of tastes, today’s pieces are simple and often understated, but also possess a design essence that reflects strength and masculinity. Hard lines and contrasting depths offer some of the most visually stunning pieces on the market today. Of course, they also carry a full array of traditional pieces as well, each meticulously designed to reflect both the past and future without screaming for attention.

There are a lot of traditions out there, but few are as deeply personal as those involved with matrimony. Crownring’s collection of men’s wedding bands proves that the modern and the traditional both have a place moving forward.

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 There is a lot of nostalgia that is drummed up when people begin talking about the way things used to be. From the price of gas to the clothes we once wore, many people long for the days when the world was a simpler place. But what many people don’t take into consideration when they entertain these thoughts is that we now have the world at our fingertips. Even though the past certainly had its benefits, we are also living in a time of wonder and inspired design.

Take the classic wedding band as an example. For centuries, the standard was a plain gold band worn on the ring finger of the left hand. It was meant to symbolize the nature of a lifelong commitment, and to be valued as a testament to faith and devotion. It has always been a source of pride for its wearer, and remained relatively unchanged for generation after generation.

Today, however, a new wave of designers has begun to take the bridal jewelry market by storm. Inspired by pieces found all across the globe, these craftsmen have been cresting bridal pieces which are anything but traditional in their appearance. A wide variety of materials are now being used to create multiple colors, settings, and even some very advanced stone work. For the first time in history, couples now have the chance to select wedding bands which are as unique as their love.

When it all boils down, no two couples are exactly the same, which is why so many have decided to use their rings as a platform to express their devotion in a very unexpected way. The old days may have been a simpler time, but there is most certainly a time and a place for a little bit of complication as well.


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 Ever since the beginning of traditional marriages, the exchange of wedding rings has been one of the most important parts of the ceremonial process which binds together two lives. In many cultures all around the world, the wedding band has come to represent the preciousness and eternal nature of such a grand commitment. In fact, it is one of those rare few symbols which is recognized in nearly any corner of the planet.

In it most traditional form, the wedding ring has usually been a plain gold band worn on the ring finger of the left hand. It is at once a very personal and still very public display of one’s faith and commitment. But as much as tradition is a critical component of many marriages, there is always room for a slight touch of personality…which is exactly why so many modern couples are turning away from the traditional plain gold in favour of matching wedding band sets.

It is true that many designers have released matching sets in plain gold, but the new wave of wedding ring design has inspired some of the most visually stunning pieces we have ever seen. Ranging anywhere from simplistic designs recreated in different metals – such as platinum, or even cobalt – all the way to elaborate creations of several woven metals with multiple stone settings, these designs take the notion of the traditional wedding ring and flip it on its head.

Modern couples have a range of choices once thought impossible, but with technology bringing every corner of the globe to out doorsteps, just about anything you can imagine can be created. Some people may still prefer to follow in the footsteps of tradition, but for those who prefer to venture out and break the mold, it is a great time to be purchasing bridal jewelry.


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 There are very we moments we experience in this life as special as the day we commit to spend our lives with the one person who makes us complete. And for nearly as long as there have been weddings, there have been wedding rings. As a sign of faith and commitment, the wedding ring has grown to cross both physical and cultural borders, and is a tradition that is recognized and celebrated the world over.

For a very long time, the standard for wedding bands was a very simple, very plain gold band. For generation after generation, the exchange of these simple bands was meant to symbolize the eternal love and commitment of two people whose lives had become one. But as we have moved into the twenty-first century, modern couples have begun to push the envelope, seeking out rings that are as unique and as inspired as their love for one another.

It is in response o this demand that designers have begun to take subtle – and not so subtle – liberties with the band’s traditional design. Starting with the wide variety of metals from which couples may now choose, designer rings have blossomed into an area of true inspiration within the world of fine jewelry. Various stone settings, woven patterns, and even complimentary his and her sets have become the order of the day…leaving anyone in the market for a wedding band with an exceptionally wide variety from which to choose.

Today, people have the opportunity to select a wedding band that reflects their personality, their budget, and most importantly, the love they share with that one special person. And for a piece of jewelry that will almost certainly be worn every day for the rest of your life, those personal touches sure beat a plain gold band.

 Each and every person is a unique being, but one thing most of us have in common is that eternal search to find the right person with which to share our lives. Regardless of where we live, how much we earn, or the industry in which we choose to work, the one thing that ties us all together is the love for which we all search. So when we eventually do find that right person, it should come as no surprise that many of us have very different ideas about how that love should be expressed.

Even the eternal symbol of love and connection, the classic wedding band, has now been opened up to interpretation. Gone are the days of selecting a set of simple gold bands, except of course, if that is what you have your heart set on. These days, it is not at all uncommon to see stone settings, alternate metal choices, and even mismatched sets between a bride and groom.

As an example, CrownRing wedding bands for men offer a wide selection of bands specifically designed to meet the needs of a variety of modern men. From classic gold to more modern pieces carved from tungsten, there are no limits to what modern craftsman are capable of producing. The benefits of selecting a non-traditional metal range from improved strength and durability to simply creating a different look, one that is more masculine and will stand out from the crowd. Tungsten for instance, is several times harder than most traditional metal choices and can withstand that beatings that come hand in hand with a life lived on a construction site or highway project.

Regardless of why you want something different, designers are now creating bridal pieces to suit just about any taste. The only secret is finding a maker you can trust with the important piece of jewelry you’ll ever own.


 The process of getting married can be quite a large challenge. From the ceremony to dinner and from invitations to dessert, there is certainly no shortage of decisions to be made leading up to the big day. In fact, many people find the entire process to be quite overwhelming. Decisions can be rushed, and in the heat of the moment, it can be very tempting to simply default to the easiest choice...and honestly, that’s not a bad idea for some of the decisions. After all, who is really going to remember whether that dessert was chocolate mousse or five layer cake?

But some decisions will have a lingering effect. In fact, some of them – much like your choice of spouse - will stay with you for the rest of your life. Among these, the selection of wedding rings is perhaps the one that people tend to overlook most often. After the hoopla surrounding the engagement ring, the wedding ring itself is often lost in the commotion…but it is important to select the one that is right for you, mainly because it is a decision you will see each and every day for the rest of your life.

A traditional gold band is lovely, but is susceptible to damage and is considered by some to be quite plain. For traditionalists, anything but gold is unacceptable, but that hasn’t stopped many couples from moving into the realm of platinum, white gold, or even non-precious metals such as tungsten and stainless steel. Designers have even begun working stone settings into some of their designs, providing a more up-scaled version of the traditional wedding ring.

When it comes down to it, the important thing is to select a ring that you will be happy wearing a daily basis. There are a lot of decisions leading up to your wedding day that will soon be little more than a pleasant memory, but this is one you should really make sure you’re comfortable with!