The trials and tribulations of choosing an engagement ring
posted by CrownRing on October 31, 2011 5:46:35 PM
It’s tricky to choose the ring that you want to put on your future bride’s finger. This is the piece of jewelry that she will agree to wear for a lifetime, it is important that she be happy with the style and look of her engagement ring. If your fiancĂ© hates her ring, you are off to a bad start. That is just one of the many pitfalls a potential groom can fall into.

The only thing that you can be assured of is that whatever you choose it will not make her behind look fat when she wears it.

First decide on your budget.  There is a fine line between being cheap and being broke or in debt for a long time. Remember: fighting over money (mostly lack of…) is one of the major issues that crop up in a marriage.

If you are lucky your girlfriend will drop some not too subtle hints in anticipation of the proposal. Learn the terms associated with diamonds and ring settings so you know what she is talking about. Here are some samples of different styles from the Breanna engagement ring line of CrownRing, a well-respected manufacturer of bridal jewelry.

Some women dislike the frilly clothes and pink colors that are traditionally associated with little girls. If the woman in your life prefers elegant and stylish clothes, or has an apartment furnished in a minimalist style with bold expressionist art on the walls, you should probably look for a solitaire engagement ring. This is a large center stone either that is either stand alone or with smaller accessory stones. She would probably love the elegant and dramatic CrownRing engagement ring Style # DR-3026 with prominent prongs. Or Style #DR-3041 with a surprising array of accent stones set so that they are best appreciated from the side view.

If she is a more paysan type of girl who enjoys country auctions you might chose a vintage influenced bevel setting such as Style #DR-3023, or Style # DR-3034 with an elaborate setting of smaller diamonds.

A lady with a larger hand might enjoy the look of a larger engagement ring such as Style #DR-3022 or Style #DR-9040, both with a princess cut diamond surrounded by pave diamonds that also cascade down the thick band.