The New Trend in Bridal Jewelry: Alternative Metals Wedding Bands
posted by Site Administrator on January 16, 2012 10:16:19 AM
 Sure yellow gold, white gold, platinum and diamonds are very popular in matrimonial jewels, but the newest trend these days is alternative metals. These metals offer more durable and scratch-resistant jewelry, making every finger looks its very best. CrownRing is on top of it with its own jewelry line offering men’s wedding bands in various metals including tungsten carbide, black ceramic and titanium.


On, you’ll see all of our tungsten carbide men’s wedding bands in various styles and widths from 6mm to 8mm. Tungsten carbide is a chemical that includes equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. In its basic form, it looks like a fine gray powder. It is used in various industries including machinery, sports, military, and yes, men’s jewelry. It’s three times stiffer than steel and is also denser than titanium. You can find tungsten carbide in bicycle tires, ballpoint pens, cutting tools, trekking poles and armor-piercing ammunition.


Tungsten carbide is a great alternative to other metals used to design jewelry because of its hardness and high resistance to scratching, making CrownRings men’s wedding rings more durable. These tungsten carbide men’s rings are virtually indestructible and always looked polished. It’s prefect for hard working men…in love.


CrownRing also manufactures black ceramic rings. They offer a hypoallergenic, comfortable and lightweight alternative to regular jewelry. Ceramic is typically used in tiles, decorative art, bullet-proof vests, dental implants, even car engines. The unique properties, including scratch-resistant, of black ceramic are now making it be the hottest thing in jewelry manufacturing. Why wear gold when you can wear black, right.


CrownRing has made its men’s wedding bands design even more unique by combining tungsten and black ceramic for a stylish two-tone look. These days, black ceramic rings are growing in popularity not only for their no wear-and-tear property but also for their low price tag. For CrowRing’s hottest black ceramic jewelry, checkout the “alternative metals” section of

Next on the list of alternative metals, is titanium. It’s the hardest metal in the world, but is still very light in weight. It’s typically used in aircrafts and spaceships. However, it’s perfect for jewelry such as rings because it doesn’t react to salt water, body chemistry or sunlight. It also doesn’t rust. So while other jewelry can turn your finger green, titanium won’t. CrowRing combines titanium with other metals such as gold for stylish wedding rings and even has diamond –encrusted men’s wedding bands for a unique look.


There you have it, an entire collection devoted to doing things a little differently. If you think an alternative metal wedding ring is right for you, check out to pick your favorite from CrownRing’s jewelry collection.

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