The Latest Studies Surrounding Relationships
posted by Site Administrator on March 12, 2012 12:16:39 PM
 Since our jewelry revolves around matrimony and the idea of long-lasting, loving relationships, CrownRing jewelry manufacturers did some  investigation to find out the latest studies surrounding relationships. Partnerships in love typically start off on a very high note, and eventually become tougher with the test of time. However, the studies we found show that people still feel “intense love” when couples are married for over 20 years. In fact, the Journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science found that 48 percent of 274 married American couples surveyed nationwide were “very intensely in love.”


Thanks to the British Journal of Psychology, CrownRing jewelry designers also learned that men were on their best behavior around an attractive woman. They were also more likely to act selflessly to win over a potential mate.  When talking about relationships, it’s impossible not to talk about commitment. At CrownRing, couples’ ideas of commitment are symbolized by our beautiful bridal jewelry collection. We have yellow gold engagement rings, fancy white gold wedding bands and alternative metals wedding rings for men in titanium and tungsten carbide. However, a recent UCLA study showed that the true test of commitment comes when both partners need to make sacrifices and need to take active steps to maintain the relationship no matter what the personal costs may be.


When it comes to love, 13 is apparently a lucky number. Peter Todd, a Professor of Informatics and Cognitive Science at Indiana University, says “people should ideally have 12 relationships to establish a baseline of what they’re looking for in a partner.” And how is cheating correlated to relationships? Leave it to CrownRing to find out. According to the American Heart Association, almost one percent of people who died of a sudden heart attack died while having sex. Of those, 82 to 93 percent were men and of those, 75 percent were having extramarital sex. Weight gain can be another unwanted result of marriage. The Ohio State University found that women tend to gain a few pounds after tying the knot, while men are more likely to gain weight after a divorce. 


The U.K. has some interesting studies on the subject of relationships as well. This past December, a U.K. study found that 33 percent of reasons to file for divorce contained the word Facebook, a significant jump from 2009’s 20 percent. Inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex on this social media site were the main cause for the breakups. And sure, dog is man’s best friend, but apparently 28 percent of people polled by Craigslist in the U.K. said they wouldn’t date a dog owner. 25 percent admitted they wouldn’t date someone who had a cat. CrownRing jewelry designers learned the hamster turned people off the least.

It’s no surprise that love relationships are tough, that’s why they’re the most rewarding relationships of our lives. Making it work is a learning experience, with marriage being the beginning of a lifetime dedication and rewards.

Thank you for making CrownRing part of your marital journey.

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