Put a Little Romance in your Day
posted by Site Administrator on February 23, 2012 12:43:00 PM

Women want more of it and men are confused about what it is. Sure, some things are obviously of the romantic kind like hearts for example or jewelry. But it gets a little more complicated when you’re under pressure and have to be romantic on the spot. Say for example you had to plan a romantic date, how do you go about planning a wonderful night for yourself and the person you’re trying to impress? Is a dinner at a reservations-only restaurant enough to call the date romantic?

CrownRing, jewelry designers and manufacturers of all things romantic, are here to help with a few notions on what romance really means. After all, we made a successful business on catering to the most romantic types, the ones who get engaged and eventually married. Being romantic is kind of in our DNA. There are items and gestures that are universally romantic. Think red roses, love songs, being chivalrous or offering someone a greeting card.


But to really be romantic, things have to get a little more personal. Remembering someone’s birthday is not exactly romantic, especially if you ask a girl. CrownRing jewelry designers say it’s important for a person to take the time to really get to know the person they desire. They need to invest the time to learn all about their past, their preferences, their passions and their fears. The more they know about their lover, the more material they have from which they can construct romantic gestures and dates.


For example, if a guy learns that his girlfriend missed her prom night because she was sick, he can buy her a corsage before a date to make up for it in some small way. In a bigger way, he’s telling her that he listens and cares about her. If a guy on the other hand mentions he misses his mom’s pineapple upside down cake, his girlfriend can try to recreate for him by baking. For an even bigger romantic gesture, she can try to get the original recipe to make it exactly the same way.


It’s a myth that you have to sweep someone off their feet or really surprise them in some big, impossible way to be called romantic. Romance doesn’t have to be corny, it doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s not about making anyone feel awkward. Forget poems declaring your love or sunset picnics, do what feels natural to you and the type of relationship you’ve formed. That’s the best kind of romance, your very own personal kind.


Should the time come to solidify that romantic relationship, trust matrimonial jewelry manufacturer CrownRing to offer you the very best in quality gold engagement rings and men’s wedding bands. We design plenty of styles in various metals from yellow gold rings to diamond-encrusted wedding bands as well titanium men’s rings and diamond engagement rings for women. Visit us for more romantic jewelry at

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