Before the Wedding Band Come the Wedding Vows
posted by Site Administrator on February 6, 2012 1:46:33 PM
 So the wedding day is fast approaching and you haven’t started to work on your wedding vows. Sure you thought it would be special to write your very own, but now you’re suffering from a serious case of writer’s block. Don’t worry, jewelry manufacturer Crownring is here to help with several writing tips that will help you find all of the right the words. 


Writing wedding vows is the art of putting your strong, over-the-top feelings for someone in words. But how do you take such raw emotion and communicate them in just the right way? Just like any good piece of writing, having a plan or an outline of what you’d like to say always helps. For instance, your wedding vows outline might talk about your fiancé’s qualities, how you work as a great team and finally what do you promise to give and do for each other.


Crownring jewelers suggest that before you start your first draft, you have an idea of what tone or voice you’d like to use. Do you want your wedding vows to be more on the funny side? Do you prefer to be very poetic? Or maybe you’d like to try something more on the creative side, such as rhyming for example.


Once you have somewhat of a plan, it’s time to write. Sometimes the way you write can make it easier to actually find the right words. You might be more comfortable on a computer because you can type as fast as you think. Pen and paper might help you get more in touch with your feelings. You might want to even try just talking candidly into a mini-recorder and then play it back.


To get your juices flowing so to speak, ask yourself some questions and note your answers. For example, what were your first thoughts when you first saw your fiancé? When did you realize you were in love? How has meeting your future life partner changed your life? What lessons did you learn now that you’re in a relationship with special person? What do you miss most when you’re apart from each other? Remember, details help you formulate more personal and touching wedding vows.


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Once your fiancé sees their sparkling wedding band, the perfect words won’t matter all that much.

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