How long does it take to plan the wedding after the engagement?
posted by Site Administrator on December 22, 2011 3:40:21 PM
 As rigid and unromantic as this may sound, if you don’t want to wait over a year for your wedding, and you feel you need months of lead in time, the date of the proposal should be factored into the schedule. For a June wedding December or January should be target months in for the engagement.  The summer before would be optimal if your requirements are very specific or the location for the wedding very popular.


Finding, buying and presenting the diamond engagement ring are actually the least time consuming. Once the groom has sewn up the commitment, the job usually falls on the bride, her family and her friends to pull the wedding plans together.


There are some time constraints you must respect if you have your heart set on having the wedding of your dreams. First, for popular months such as June, the location may have to be rented a year in advance.  After choosing your dress, it could take as much as 15 weeks to arrive, and at least 1 week to alter. You could lose 15 lbs from nerves alone in that much time.


Planning time from proposal to wedding can be a year for a formal bash, or two months for something more casual.  The thing that has to be remembered is that it is one or two days of your life. Keep in mind the state of the relationship, not the color of the icing on the cake.


The things that will last forever, and be a constant reminder of the life choice you made, are the rings on your finger. Funnel some funds from the lavish spread at the wedding, and choose engagement rings and wedding rings of good quality and in timeless styles.


Manufacturers such as the Montreal based CrownRing, have been supplying brides and grooms with bridal jewelry for many years and have a large and varied catalogue.  The exquisite beauty of a well designed and crafted diamond ring or wedding band dwarfs the importance of any flower arrangement.


There is no caterer or seamstress that can offer the same promise that CrownRing does:


“Inspired by your love, crafted by ours. Celebrate your special moment with symbols of eternal love from CrownRing jewelry”

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