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Why Precious Metal is the Right Choice for Wedding Rings

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Throughout history humans have used different materials to represent the bond of love between two people. From humble beginnings of intertwined reeds all the way to modern laboratory-tested metals, weddings rings have come in all different shapes and sizes.

However, nothing has had the staying power of precious metals. CrownRing takes pride in offering some of the most elegant rings to couples tying the knot, and there are a few reasons that we believe everyone should go with precious metal for their wedding rings.

A special time

It’s hard to put the emotion of a wedding day into words. It’s even harder to find a material worthy of the significance that this situation presents. Simply put, precious moments deserve precious metals. There are certain difficulties that other metals present, and none of the other well-known metals can stand up to the precious ones in terms of elegance or staying power. Naturally-occurring and rare, gold and platinum are highly valuable and prized for a reason. As rare as they might be, everlasting love is even rarer. Getting married with a precious metal is the only option in this case.

They become a keepsake

Precious metals are the token of choice for weddings because they can also be handed down from generation to generation; in fact, the New York Times has recently reported on the growing trend of heirloom rings for younger couples, once thought to be a tradition only of the very rich and prestigious families of Europe. Not even the most expensive and elegant ring on the planet could rival the love and emotion that fills a ring handed down through the generations. Many young women now report dreaming of being married using “grandma’s ring.” It’s hard to imagine handing down anything but a ring made of precious metals.

They stay valuable

One of the big advantages of precious metals is how well they hold their value. There’s a reason why so many people invest in gold. Few materials hold their intrinsic value for so long. Beyond the economic value, the emotional value that they hold also remains through the ages.

There are certainly alternatives to precious metals like gold, but they are better suited for fashion statements or sports. When it comes to wedding rings, there are many reasons why everyone should go with precious metals – and you can find the perfect one in the CrownRing collection.

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