Anniversary Rings How to Choose Your Jewelry

Finding the Perfect Anniversary Band

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Many couples celebrate anniversaries by getting each other new rings. Eternity bands, which feature a circle of stones around a thin band, are a great gift and a great way to accessorize your wedding ring.

There are no set rules about anniversary bands —it’s a development of modern fashion that allows you to explore your personal style. If you’re thinking about getting an anniversary band to symbolize the continued love in your life, here are some things to consider.

Style Coordination

Anniversary bands are meant to compliment wedding and engagement rings. It’s essential to choose a ring that matches the set you already wear. Since your wedding ring is a precious metal, your anniversary band should be a precious metal as well. Balance an ornate wedding ring with a more subdued anniversary band to avoid looking ostentatious and tacky.

The most important consideration when shopping for anniversary bands is to coordinate the new addition with the other prized jewellery in your collection.


Before committing to an anniversary band, think about how you want to wear it. Unlike engagement and wedding rings, there is no standard finger for anniversary bands. Some people choose to wear anniversary rings on the same finger as the wedding and engagement ring, while other people decide to wear their anniversary rings on the ring finger of the opposite hand.

Some people even choose to wear their anniversary band instead of their wedding ring. Where you choose to wear your ring can impact the aesthetic consideration of choosing an anniversary band. For instance, if you decide to wear your anniversary band on the same finger as your other rings, you’ll want to choose something less loud, but if you wear the ring on a different hand, you have room to explore more ornate options.

An anniversary band is an excellent way to represent the continued love and commitment in your life. If you’re thinking about getting an eternity band for your upcoming anniversary, browse CrownRing’s stunning collection of anniversary rings and make this year one to remember!

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