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How to Choose Your Jewelry

Anniversary Rings How to Choose Your Jewelry

Finding the Perfect Anniversary Band

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Many couples celebrate anniversaries by getting each other new rings. Eternity bands, which feature a circle of stones around a thin band, are a great gift and a great way to accessorize your wedding ring.

There are no set rules about anniversary bands —it’s a development of modern fashion that allows you to explore your personal style. If you’re thinking about getting an anniversary band to symbolize the continued love in your life, here are some things to consider.

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Engagement Rings How to Choose Your Jewelry

How to Find a Ring That Suits Your Hand

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Everyone’s hand is a little bit different. Fingers can be long, short, thin or wide; they can be spaced close together or far apart. Rings can always be resized for a perfect custom fit, but there are certain ring designs that flatter certain types of fingers, in the same way that certain dress patterns compliment certain figures. If you’re looking for a ring that will perfectly embellish your finger, follow these helpful tips for finding a ring that suits your hand.

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How to Choose Your Jewelry Wedding Bands

Why Precious Metal is The Only Choice for Your Wedding Band

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When shopping for a wedding ring, many couples wonder what type of material is best for them. Precious metals like gold and platinum have long been the standard for wedding rings. At CrownRing, we offer a variety of rings for every occasion, but we strongly believe in the long-standing tradition of a precious metal wedding ring. Here are just a few of the reasons why a precious metal is the best material for your wedding ring.

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